Is your website mobile-friendly (enough)?

Starting April 21, websites that are not mobile friendly will find themselves losing rank in Google’s mobile search results. Google is stepping up their pressure on website owners to be ready for mobile visitors. So, websites that Google recognizes as mobile friendly will be pushed to the top of search results when searching on a mobile device. Websites that are not ready for mobile visitors will be penalized with lower ranking in results. This means less traffic, fewer ad views, and less revenue.

Using git cherry-pick

1. Complete your fix, do your commit:

git commit -am "commit message"
git push

2. Bring up the log and scroll to the top, find your commit at the top and copy the hash, ex. "9ecda43". Hit "Q" to close the log.

git log

3. With git-cherry-pick, your'e basically merging specifically only your commit into the master/prod branch:

git checkout master
git pull
git cherry-pick 9ecda43
git push