Jaaxy Keyword Research

Jaaxy is wonderful for finding keywords, but when doing the research you want to be as thorough as you can, truly seeking out every last corner of your niche. In other words, finding every keyword gem that is out there (and there are lots of them left).

How to Have Success in Wealthy Affiliate

Over the past 3 weeks, I've been taking the training in Wealthy Affiliate. In the past few days, I've talked and chatted with quite a few people in Wealthy Affiliate about different issues with their websites and how to solve them. The most common thing I had to say to all of them is that the training is good. Just stick to the training!

Projects on GitHub

github logo

While I've had my github account for years, I haven't really put anything out in public yet. Well, this month I'm changing that. Please find current projects I've recently added or I'm momentarily working on at

Fix mobile usability issues

If you've been using Google's Webmaster tools, you may have recently received a similar email like the following from the "Google Search Console Team:"

We’ve found critical mobile usability issues in pages on Mobile usability errors can severely affect the user experience of your site. Pages with mobile usability issues may be ranked lower in Google search results on mobile devices.

Is your website mobile-friendly (enough)?

After April 21, websites that are not mobile friendly found themselves losing rank in Google’s mobile search results. Google is stepping up their pressure on website owners to be ready for mobile visitors. So, websites that Google recognizes as mobile friendly will be pushed to the top of search results when searching on a mobile device. Websites that are not ready for mobile visitors will be penalized with lower ranking in results. This means less traffic, fewer ad views, and less revenue.

Using git cherry-pick

1. Complete your fix, do your commit:

git commit -am "commit message"
git push

2. Bring up the log and scroll to the top, find your commit at the top and copy the hash, ex. "9ecda43". Hit "Q" to close the log.

git log

3. With git-cherry-pick, your'e basically merging specifically only your commit into the master/prod branch:

git checkout master
git pull
git cherry-pick 9ecda43
git push


Are You a Human?

Bots can solve CAPTCHA better than humans can. There's a war going on between CAPTCHA and the spam bots, and the human casualties are mounting. CAPTCHA get less and less legible every day in the name of fighting spam - but it doesn't work. Clever bots pass right through most CAPTCHA, while human users are left struggling.

PlayThru: a CAPTCHA alternative

A fellow contractor sent me the above image in an instant message and jokingly, I answered him back "the answer is 42" (watch Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy if you don't get that one).