Daniel Gurtner

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» Web Design & Interactive Media
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   Serving the greater San Diego area and beyond.

Well versed with different types of media, designing and developing websites, creating soundtracks and video production, very detail oriented, yet able to see the big picture and has a flair for developing unique solutions to complex problems.

Bachelor‘s Degree of Science in Web Design & Interactive Media at The Art Institute of California - San Diego, 2009. Industry Consultant, building local business websites, serving clients locally, nationally and internationally.

Successful website designer and web developer in a variety of national and international industries.

Experienced with Drupal Web Development, the WordPress Codex, Web Design, Graphic Design, Logo Design, Image Manipulation and Optimization, Sound Design, Music Composition and Arrangement, Video Production, Motion Graphics, Tutoring, Chemistry, Raising Kids, Volunteering and Webmaster for PTA, and many more.

• Fluent in several programming languages and current technologies
• Fluent in German, conversational in French and Spanish
• Strong, creative problem solving skills and fast learner
• Well-versed with Drupal, WordPress, and Adobe Creative Suite

Interested in freelance, remote front-end web developer opportunities in the San Diego area and San Diego real estate photography opportunities, preferably in the La Mesa/El Cajon area.